Nursing Options – What Do I REALLY Want To Do?

Some nursing students/new graduates are perplexed with all the many options, and specialty areas in the  nursing field. Here is a suggestion on how to figure out want you want to do. 

Try journaling, it can help you. It is a very powerful tool!

Buy a journal and start writing down your clinical experiences. Write about what you don’t like and what you love! This is important because sometimes we can lose track of what we love when the things we don’t like seem to be abundance. 

Here is 4 very important questions to ask yourself: 

1. Why Did I Chose Nursing?

When trying to decide where you want to work it’s very important to know you Why? Think about your why! Why did I chose nursing?

2. What do you hope to accomplish during your career? 

Global impact? Local impact? 

3. Who has inspired you the most in school? In your life?

Family member, a friend, a nurse?

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Married, kids, single, traveling? 

In a hospital setting working 3 twelves? In a clinical 5 days a week? Night shift? Travel nursing? 

There are many exciting areas of nursing! And I wanted to do them all!! But I had to ask myself these questions. When I evaluated these things I found my answers. I am a educator, and I work in the psychiatric nursing field as an NP. My 2 passions! (I narrowed it down to 2, lol). Then I made my choices in jobs to fit my dreams! 

Living the dream!!


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