Waiting on my plane I had no idea what to expect as I was about to travel on a journey to the Dominican Republic. I watched the sunrise at the airport praying for a beautiful experience. It started with the sunrise.

When I boarded the plane I sat next to a young lady with a shaved head and I mask. I worried about myself getting sick! I didn’t know if this young girl was sick and I selfishly thought about myself and my trip. I didn’t want to be sick, for I had work to do! I was humbled when she started talking to me about herself. She sold everything she had and shaved her head because her sister who has been battling cancer was at the end of her journey. She was flying home to be with her. Her sister didn’t know that she was coming. She was so excited about surprising her! With her sisters illness and impending passing this young lady decided after 5 years of living in the states that it was time to go home.

This was the beginning of an amazing experience. I knew in that humbling moment my heart would be changed forever…….

Be Inspired,

Lisa Marie

Part II Coming soon……