I’ve Been Accepted to Nursing School!  Now What?!

Yesterday, I was on a panel of professional nurses to speak to a group of nursing students.  What an honor! I remember being in the audience full of excitement and questions. Each of the students had great questions and were at different places in school. The best advice I can give to any and all of you is to get a mentor.  I can’t speak enough on how important it is to have a mentor or two. One mentor should be an upper class person in your school, and the other should be a nurse that is doing what you want to do! 

Nursing school can be very challenging with all the demands. You need help, and you need to be inspired. That is the job of the mentors.  They support your success and inspire you. 

Check out your schools mentorship program. Get involved, then become a mentor yourself! Once you made it through prerequisites and official acceptance you can help those and inspire those trying to get in. Pay it forward! 

Be Inspired,

Lisa Marie Walsh


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