Everyone Has A Story…

Everyone has a story; what’s yours?

The other day I spoke to a women who asked me for my advice. As I was listening to her I could here her story. And I am not sure she is even aware of how her story impacts her life. 

Everyone has a story that they are working off of. All the decisions and direction they are working towards is all related. Good or bad. That’s why it’s so important to pay attention, be in tune with self. 

Here’s an example….

I see many women (especially women) who experienced something in their lives that cause them fear and insecurities; therefore, their whole lives that act that out.  My mother was attacked by a dog when she was pregnant with my oldest sister. As a child, I heard and saw my mothers fear constantly whenever an animal was around. She continued to be threatened by dogs. She built a fence around her house to keep dogs out of her yard so she could enjoy working in the yard. She made many decisions and choices based out of that fear including trying to control her safety and ours (her three daughters). I was so afraid of dogs as a child because of the tremendous amount of fear my mother displayed. So, I made my decisions and choices out of the fear I inherited from my mother. Because of self-awareness and personal growth choices, I was made aware that this was not my fear and I was challenged to explore my experiences. I love dogs and I even owned a dog that was the breed that attacked my mother. It was so rewarding to realize that I could change my story! I don’t have to control – I can change. It takes work but it is so worth it. 

Many women go into control mode….I say go into change mode. 

1. Know your story-figure it out. 

2. Get help if you need it

3. Change your story, you’re worth it! 

If you would like any guidance I am available for consultation. You can email my at


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