Why is Self-Care Important?

I recently opened my own practice. It was so scary for me! I am committed to teaching and supporting nurses. Opening my practice has given me the ability to precept more students. Teaching others reinforces what I know but also helps me grow as a nurse myself. It stretches me to continue to learn, research, and change my perspective even!

I must admit – it is taxing on me mentally. With that said -that is another benefit! It’s a benefit because it forces me to practice self care! I want and teach ALL my students about the importance of self care. Therefore, I practice what I preach!

I am looking forward to my self care weekend……

Why is self-care important? Well, we are told over and over because we give so much to others. Self-care is important for much more that that. It’s important for mental health wellness, emotional health wellness, and physical health wellness

How do you make sure you are doing self-care in all aspects of your life? Are you doing self-care in all these areas?

……..It ain’t just about a mani/pedi!

More blogs to come about these areas of self-care!!!

Be Inspired,

Lisa Marie Walsh, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC


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